19 August 2015

Archiving BMCR

Just a few days after my last post on archiving to fight link rot, Ryan Baumann (@ryanfb) wrote up his impressive efforts to make sure that all the links in the recently announced AWOL Index were archived. Since I was thinking about this sort of thing for the open-access Bryn Mawr Classical Review for which I'm on the editorial board, I figured I'd just use his scripts to make sure all the BMCR reviews were on the Internet Archive. (Thanks, Ryan!)

Getting all the URLs was fairly simple, though there was a little bit of brute-force work involved for the earlier years, before BMCR settled on a standard URL format. Actually there are still a few PDFs from scans of the old print versions which I completely missed on the first pass, but once I found out they were out there, it was easy enough to go get them. (I was looking for "html" as a way of pulling all the reviews, so the ".pdf" files got skipped.)

In the end less than 10% of the 10,000+ reviews weren't already on the Archive, but are now, assuming I got them all up there. Let me know if you find one I missed.

I'm still looking at WebCite too.

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