12 January 2012

Rome Renewed

I've now been in Rome for about two weeks, with a colleague and bunch of Drew students on a Drew International Seminar. Amazingly I have not written about it at all, and I feel even worse now reading my friend Dave's post after being here only three days.

Dave writes a bit about how Rome is changed, which seemed appropriate tonight as I walked back to our residence from the main train station, Termini. For those who've been wondering when they do all the roadwork in Rome, the answer is, at least in part, at night when the streets are fairly empty. Here is a photo of a road crew busy paving over the sanpietrini of Via Cavour with asphalt. In the background is S. Maria Maggiore.

Another crew apparently is working fast to repaint the crosswalk lines ("le strisce"):

So, Eternal but updated...not that I don't prefer the sanpietrini.

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