19 February 2011


Another nifty looking use of the Kinect involves the Robot OS (ROS) project, which sponsored a contest for a Kinect-based game. The winners were from Mexico and describe their games like this:
Fun and Interactive game based on the old famous game lemmings
It took me a little doing to get all the various dependencies working, including modifying some dylibs to get opencv2 working right, and modifying common to get nodelet running. (I apparently have an older version of common, but a single edit to a config file fixed the problem until I do the upgrade.)
It now runs for a little bit and then freezes. Not sure why or what it's doing when frozen, but I'll post a screen shot later today.
Next up: using the Kinect as a 3D scanner with another contest winner, RGBD-6D-SLAM.

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